A list of products that are ideal for people older than 40 years

With age, the human body is a lot of changes. This concerns, first of all, the absorption of food intake. Simultaneously, significantly increases the risk of developing diabetes, there are more cases of heart disease. Many scientists attribute this to the power supply. So people need to review your diet to maintain their health.

Ian Marber says, that after the milestone of 40 years should bring in their diet oats. It is rich in a special kind of fiber that is very useful to the body. Under the influence of a given substance there is a decrease of the content in the body of low-density lipoprotein. These substances provoke the development of atherosclerosis, which often leads to heart disease. Many in the oats and antioxidants - defenders of cell membranes.

Almonds adjusts the level of glucose in the blood, preventing diabetes. Cherry, in a large number of contain anthocyanin, will prevent the development of gout and arthritis.Soy will have beneficial effects on the body, adjusting the level of cholesterol in the blood and increasing the levels of calcium in the bones. It is very important for women in menopause. Ladies with active reproductive system soy in large quantities should not be used. Arrhythmia will help prevent fatty fish, it will maintain the level of blood pressure to normal.

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Tomatoes can prevent the formation of cancerous cells due to the contained antioxidants. Milk will prevent the decrease in muscle mass.

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