A large children's plate leads to overeating

Pediatricians advise parents to choose the dishes for a child about his age. Big plate may cause the child to overeat, which in the future will turn out to be obese, says CTV News. Big plate contributes to the fact that the child feels his portion too small. In addition, children often fail to understand, whether they ate. So can be laid cult of big portions.

A group of scientists headed by Brian Vaksincom conducted a number of studies proved that people are often repelled by selecting the volume of food is not from self-starvation, and from the size of the selected dishes.

The data were confirmed after the children study. It turned out that most of the children chose a large portion, if it was a larger plate. And developed the first harbingers of obesity, which did not depend on sex, age and initial body weight.

Doctors advise to choose the dishes for a child his age. You should not feed children of plates for adults. In the future, this may result in certain consequences associated with overeating.

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