A joint of cannabis can help patients with epilepsy

Scientists have removed the narcotic effects of hemp and made her a drug for the treatment of epilepsy. Now the medicine passes the preliminary phase of testing. In the case of the success of modern medicine will receive effective treatment for pediatric epilepsy syndrome or Lennox-gust, when a child is experiencing short-term up to 80 seizures a day.

There are already test data tools on volunteers. In 42% of cases, the medication helped reduce the number and severity of epileptic seizures. Scientists are looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of the drug. The most obvious consists in the combination of herbal remedies from marijuana with traditional medicines against epilepsy.

While even the creators can't say for sure what the mechanism of action of the drug. However, the exact cause of the development of epileptic seizures medicine is not known, except for the knowledge on the availability in the brain of the pathological focus with epileptic activity.

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