A hydrocele or Hydrocele

Features of hydrocele

Hydrocele is an accumulation of fluid in the cavities of one or two testicles, there is a swelling of the scrotum in the form of a benign tumor, which, man or child is painful to move, to go to the toilet. This disease can be congenital or acquired, chronic and acute, one-and two-sided. Often this diagnosis get babies and men aged 22 to 30 years.

What occurs acquired and congenital Hydrocele?

Inside the scrotum moves with testicular water, which comes from the shell of the egg. Set the balancing process between the allocated liquid and suction. If this harmony is disturbed, it is the accumulation of fluid in the scrotum.

Congenital hydrocephalus occurs in males born from the fact that from the abdominal cavity through the open vaginal process in the shell of the egg concentrated liquid. There is a congenital hydrops, soamsawali or not soamsawali depends on contact with the abdominal cavity. During the first year of a child's life, in large cases, soamsawali the hydrocele, disappears.

Acquired hydrocephalus occurs due to such factors as:

- the development of inflammatory action in the testis and pidada;

- from damage in the pelvic and inguinal lymph nodes, impaired lymphatic drainage;

- bruising of the scrotum;

serious heart disease;

- post-surgical complication.

If you do not treat hydrocele, then the acute form of the disease go into chronic.

Symptoms of disease

- an increase in one or both testicles in the scrotum, they are not felt, the skin of the scrotum is stretched;

- near the scrotum appears dull pain;

- the body temperature rises;

- clicking on an enlarged testicle, is protrusion of the shell with the other hand;

- difficult movement, felt the discomfort of underwear;

- acute pain, due to the large concentration of fluid in the testicle, breaking through its wall and penetrating into the scrotum.

Surgical treatment

Hydrocele can be treated using surgical intervention in several ways release of the egg from the gathered water.

Puncture dropsy is a needle in order to quickly and timely to assist the patient by sucking the liquid syringe. This method gives temporary relief to the patient, over time, the fluid again begins to accumulate.

Surgery of hydrocele is a more effective and professional way to remove dropsy. During surgery, the patient does not feel pain, as it is under the influence of anesthesia. During the week cannot physically be loaded, and you want to come to the hospital for ligation.

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Medication treatment of Hydrocele does not exist. Only when the water jet has arisen in connection with inflammation of the testicle or epididymis. Then require antibiotic treatment, rest, wear a special bandage that supports the scrotum.

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