A huge number of mosquitoes does not allow you to walk on the street

From the message of the representatives of the University of Brands, it became known that in some areas of the United States of America due to the large number of mosquitoes children may not spend enough time outdoors. In order to know how much time the kids spend on the street and what tools were used against mosquito mosquitoes, the researchers conducted a survey among children living in Cliffwood beach and Union beach.

According to the source The Daily Mail, the young generation had been more time to play outdoors when mosquitoes fought and prevented the excess of their quantity. Moreover, if the population of mosquito mosquitoes were restrained in normal, outdoors spent more time would be approximately 75 percent of the people.

Compared with previous years, the number of Asian tiger mosquitoes are much increased, their number was influenced by the so-called "imported" mosquitoes, who came to America with tires for cars straight from Japan. Back in 1985, they spread across 30 U.S. States. This kind of mosquito mosquito carries Dengue, and viral disease chikungunya. This phenomenon is widespread in South-East Asia.

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Because of these parasites and people are forced to spend warm days shut up in the house, because to be outside not only impossible, and even dangerous!

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