A high IQ can cause the formation of an alcoholic

Scientists from the UK and USA found another reason why people begin to abuse alcohol. It turns out that the more educated a person is, the more it has a tendency to alcoholism. Thus, the higher a person's IQ, the more likely it is applied to the bottle. Meanwhile, educated people can drink a lot more during the evening than their surroundings. Scientists still can't explain the reasons for this phenomenon, but they are confident that the relationship here is straight.

To this opinion of scientists came after he held a large-scale study, during which the participants were divided into 5 groups according to their IQ. After that, scientists have conducted some surveys, during which the experts were asked how often study participants drink alcohol. It turned out that intelligent and educated people have a tendency to abuse alcohol, while people with average mental abilities such pronounced dependence was found.

Additionally, the researchers found that if a pregnant woman abuses alcohol, the IQ of the child are guaranteed to be lowered by a few points. That's why experts recommend to abstain from alcohol during pregnancy, and not to drink all those people who intend in the near future to have children. Meanwhile, the interconnectedness between the analytical mind and alcoholism has yet to be fully explored, and high intelligence should not be considered justification of this addiction.

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