A heart attack often overtakes person at night and on weekends

A group of British scientists has analyzed trends in the development of such diseases as myocardial infarction. Today heart disease take a leading position as a cause of death. This study proved that a heart attack is often overtakes person at night and on weekends. The data were published in the journal BMJ.

The study was to analyze the existing 48 scientific papers devoted to the problem of myocardial infarction. Only works was considered almost 2 million clinical cases. Considered the cases of myocardial infarction with European countries, USA and Canada.

It turned out that the maximum mortality from myocardial infarction accounted for the night. In General, the number of deaths increased for the weekend. This is because at night, toward morning, rising blood pressure, which further pressurizes the heart and causes heart attack.

Note that the data obtained do not differ from those assumptions that were made by the doctors and scientists to conduct a formal investigation. Night mortality is a well-known fact, which was confirmed in a research study.

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