A healthy person has in their body at least five viruses

The research team from the University of Washington in St. Louis conducted a study and identified as the virus circulates in the body of an adult. Viruses are cellular life form, capable under favorable conditions to cause various diseases, says BMC Biology.

Head of research group, Gregory Storch highlights: every organism has not only its own bacterial flora, but also a set of viruses which do not prevent to live and grow. Structure of viral agents may be the most diverse.

Only the researchers analyzed more than 700 samples of biological liquids of an organism. In 92% of cases were detected by at least one virus. In most cases, the virus was much more. The average rate was 5 viruses on one sample.

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Consider the most common virus human herpes virus. According to the latest data, the virus is found in 99% of the people and does not show itself. Is the agent in the nervous tissue and makes itself felt after colds. The easiest manifestation of him - herpetic syt.

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