A healthy lifestyle and sleep at 83% reduces the risk of death due to heart disease

A study by Dutch scientists found that physical activity, diet, and abstinence from alcohol significantly reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. But most of all to reduce the aforementioned risk is influenced by a strong and healthy sleep. According to scientists, the lack of sleep can significantly affect human health. Theoretically, most of the deaths due to stroke can be prevented. Scientists in the past ten years, watched heart disease and stroke in more than 14 thousand of both sexes. At the end of the study, 600 people had heart problems, and 129 died for the same reasons.

Specialists have found that the least was the probability of fatal outcome in those who observed 4 important rules: be physically active, eat healthy foods, and also gave up Smoking and alcohol. According to Dr. Dorian of Madoka conducted scientific work has shown that healthy sleep coupled with observance of all these rules greatly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Thus, the risk of developing heart disease is reduced by 57 percent and 67 percent reduces the risk of dying from stroke or other cardiac diseases.

A strong and healthy sleep more than seven hours per day and perform the four rules of a healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on human health, while decreasing by 65 percent risk of heart disease and by 83 percent by reducing the probability of death due to cardiovascular disease.

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