A group of scientists created the new drug against influenza

A collaborative effort of scientists from the University of British Columbia, research organization CSIRO and the University of Bath was created the modern drug that effectively acts on all strains of influenza. Important role in this discovery plays developer of Zanamivir, Dr. J. Mackimm-Breskin, which for years has tried to make his drug generic.

Modern medicine against flu, such as Zanamivir and Oseltamivir, have one weakness - they are ineffective against influenza viruses, mutated. But this disadvantage was eliminated by a team of scientists from the mentioned scientific and educational institutions.

The drug, which they created, affects important surface antigen of influenza virus, the enzyme neuraminidase. It depends on the ability of the virus to spread. A new drug, unlike these drugs, permanently blocks the function of neuraminidase. This is based on long-term chemical reaction that occurs at the molecular level.

According to the head of academic group Stephen Withers, up to this point the drugs against influenza acted once. New invention prevents the enzyme to contact the cells for a long time, as it penetrates into the very depths of the virus and remains there. Even if the strains of the virus will mutate, new drug in any case will cope with this task before him.

At the moment, a new drug has passed laboratory and clinical research, and testing continues. According to scientists, the drug may appear on the shelves of pharmacies in six or seven years.

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