A group of American and European scientists opened protecting the pancreas protein

A group of scientists, consisting of American and European experts, announced the opening is able to protect the pancreas from the effects of alcohol protein. The obtained data can become the basis for creation of the new drugs, which will reduce the chances of developing pancreatic cancer in humans. American medical research Council reported that protein calmodulin interconnected in all processes that occur in cells. According to scientists, in some cases in the pancreas there is a shortage of calmodulin that reduces immunity and the activity of the cells.

In addition, if the protein is absent, the alcohol begins to have a more devastating effect on the pancreas and causes cancer. This is because without this protein all toxic reactions proceed faster. According to statistics, pancreatic cancer ranks fifth among the most common forms of cancer. The greatest danger is the fact that only three percent of the patients with this disease can live for more than five years. Others live much less. According to scientists, to date, the harmful effects of alcohol on the body is obvious, however, it is not yet clear how alcohol inhibits certain functions in the human body. According to one of the authors conducted research OLE Peterson, scientists were able to prove interconnectedness between excessive alcohol consumption and risk of pancreatitis, and they hope that the results of their research will ultimately become the basis for the development of drugs that will help in the fight against this disease.

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