A glass of wine is useful only for slim

Perception that one or two glasses of wine are always good, is quite erroneous, writes Daily Mail. A study conducted by researchers from Curtin University in Australia showed that when overweight alcohol in small doses gives the opposite effect, namely threaten heart health.

In their work, published in the journal of the Australia and New Zealand Journal of Public Health," Dr. Tim Lobstein and Professor of medicine Mike Daubet agree with my colleagues who have proven that the consumption of alcohol in small amounts has a positive effect on heart health, but excessive consumption is dangerous for him.

But they made a small amendment, arguing that colleagues conducted the study took place 40 years ago, when people had a slim figure. Today it is not so, many people are overweight, and therefore these studies forty years old can't be true.

New research has shown that health benefits can occur only if the body mass index of a person is not above 27.5 points. While, according to many doctors, the body mass index in a healthy person should not exceed 25 points.

Data provided by the National health service in the UK, suggests that 42% of men of the country and 32% of women have a body mass index above 25 points.

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