A glass of wine is equal hazard three glasses of vodka

One glass of wine, in their opinion, equal to three glasses of vodka. Such disappointing results for wine lovers by scientists from the UK, estimating statistics of consumption of alcoholic beverages and their impact on human health.

In advance say that vodka is no more useful than the rest of the alcohol. Decide to start with the dosages and number of drinks consumed. In one shot of vodka (50 ml) contains 40% alcohol. One glass of wine - 100-150 ml, 12% alcohol. Three glasses of vodka alcohol obtained more than one glass of wine. It seems that wine should be less harm to the body. However, scientists do not agree with this judgment.

The problem lies in the sense of measure. Considering the useful wine and soft drink, people often misuse them. Daily consumption of a large amount of wine affects the liver is not worse than any other drink. Cirrhosis develops and vodka, and champagne. The main question is the quantity and frequency of alcohol consumption.

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A glass of wine is a useful addition to the dinner, if a person has no serious comorbidity: gastritis with increased privacy, high blood pressure. Scientists advise to drink alcohol in public places, where, according to statistics, consumed moderate amounts of alcohol.

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