A full Breakfast will help to maintain a normal weight

A complete and balanced Breakfast helps maintain normal weight, cholesterol levels, promotes normal adequate cardiovascular system. And it is important not only to choose the right products for Breakfast, but also to adhere to the meal, referring to research writes The Daily Mail.

Professor Daniela Director of tel Aviv University conducted a series of experiments which proved that people who are closely balanced and had Breakfast at the right time, had lost an average of 8 pounds.

Her tips are as follows: Breakfast should be the main meal. For Breakfast you can eat sweets in a healthy person, it will not cause a pathological increase of sugar and cholesterol in the blood during the day.

As evidence she cites the data of the experiment, which was attended by 93 women with varying degrees of obesity, which were divided into two groups. They all received their food with normal fat and carbohydrate calories which was 1400 calories a day. On this diet they had to sit for three months.

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The difference in power was only that first group received 45% of food for Breakfast, 30% for lunch and 25% for dinner. Another group ate Vice versa. Max had for dinner - 45%, lunch - 30%, and Breakfast is 25%. In the study, the first group took off at about 5 pounds and 4 inches in the waist more. In addition, the first group of blood had reduced levels of the hormone appetite.

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