A former Advisor to the British government believes that the financial crisis is guilty of cocaine

According to the scientist, a former Advisor to the UK government, Professor David Natta, the global financial crisis occurred because of the habits of many of the bankers to cocaine. The scientist believes that the bankers brought the world financial system in the current state because, being under the influence of the mentioned drug, they went to unnecessary risks, so as cocaine makes people overconfidence. The scientist is sure that none financier normal "sober" state would never have gone on the steps that have been made by the bankers of world renown. It should also be noted that the scientist compares cocaine with modern banking culture and her desire to take more and more."

In addition, a former adviser to the British government, by the way, is known for its rebellious nature and dismissed from service due to a mismatch of views with management, harshly criticized the recently taken the laws that relate to ecstasy, marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms. He stressed that the need for experiments narcotic substance psilocybin, it is impossible to get. He had to pay almost $ 10,000 in order to purchase a license to work with it.

Meanwhile, according to a member of the Board of Directors of the European Central Bank jörg Asmussen, over the past few months, the situation in the European financial markets have improved significantly, but so far, the crisis has not passed.

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