A folk remedy for sore throat

Pharmacies are many tools that will help with the sore throat, but there are simple folk remedies that Mogutov to eliminate a sore throat. We will give a brief overview of folk remedies sore throat, learn more about the treatment of sore throats, and other illnesses, can be found on the website Medic-ABC.ru.

Sore throat is often accompanied by high fever. Don't be lazy, look at your throat. If you see white patches on the tonsils, it is likely to call your doctor. This may be purulent tonsillitis.

Angina, where the gland is located one or more pustules, dangerous complications, rheumatism. This disease is treated with antibiotics.

If the throat is red, but the rash is in there, then you can try to use the most simple methods. Very helpful soft scarf. Tightly wrap the scarf around your neck and do not remove it as much as you can. If we do, we sleep too in the scarf. Constant heat really helps with sore throat.

One of the proven ways to treat sore throat is to gargle.

Always have in the house of Sol. Half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water is an excellent tool. If there is baking soda, a pinch of soda added to the salt solution, maximizing the efficiency of rinsing. A drop of iodine can also be added to the salt solution to improve the qualities of the therapeutic solution.

If you have calendula, chamomile, eucalyptus dry, the decoction of these herbs can also be used for rinsing. If there is a tincture of these plants, in a glass of water, just add a teaspoon of tincture.

Gargle carefully. Use the entire Cup. The throat should not just rinse and wash. The more accurate, longer and more frequently you will gargle, the sooner will come the recovery.

Try to do this procedure at least every hour. Moreover, it is possible to alternate the types of rinsing.

Using these simple tips, you can do without buying expensive drugs. However, if after a couple days you didn't get any better, call your doctor.

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