A favorable atmosphere in the workplace improves health

Israeli scientists from the University of tel Aviv found that friendly colleagues not only have a positive impact on mental health, but also reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes. The study has set itself the aim to establish how the factor may be decisive in the process of diabetes. Scientists observed health 5 843 people, who have applied to various medical institutions of tel Aviv with the aim of passing the examination or clinical examination. At the time of treatment in the clinic, the volunteers of the signs of diabetes have been identified.

The study lasted for 41 months. During this time 182 man was discovered diabetes of the second type. When the researchers compared data on the conditions of their work, it gave an opportunity to identify several influencing the formation of diabetes factors. Meanwhile, these factors were as increasing the risk of its development, and reduce.

For example, a constant stressful situation at work, coupled with emergency situations increased the risk of developing diabetes, even when researchers took into account habits, obesity and diet. Israeli experts are inclined to think that this is due to the outbreak of diabetes over the last decades. It was also found that friendly colleagues reduced the risk of the aforementioned diseases, and this was true also absolutely healthy people, without a hint of obesity.

Summarizing, it was found that stress and excessive work load increased the risk of developing diabetes by 18 percent, and a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace reduced this index by 22 percent. Thus, a favorable atmosphere in the workplace improves not only mental health but also physical condition.

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