A diet high in vitamin a will help to prevent the development of prostate cancer

The Daily Mail reports that scientists from the UK have found that carrots can be an effective weapon in the fight against prostate cancer. Such opinion of experts from the University of York and Director of research, Professor Norman Maitland. It turns out that a diet that is rich in vitamin a, make prostate cancer more treatable.

Scientists were able to prove that retinopa acid, which produces vitamin a, reduces the ability of cancer cells to infect healthy tissue. According to Professor Maitland, the use of vitamin a is a good preventive measure, which allows to stop the spread of the tumor, as well as to make the disease less aggressive.

Earlier studies have already established interconnection between low vitamin a levels and the development of prostate cancer, but until recently was not the mechanism of this connection. It should be noted that vitamin a-rich carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage.

Prostate cancer causes 10% of deaths from cancer in men. His main reasons referred to as age, genetic predisposition and an imbalance of nutrient.

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