A delicate problem, or what to do when urinary incontinence

Incontinence is a disease not this already rare as it might seem at first glance. According to medical statistics, the disease does not shy away approximately 38% of adult women. With the fair sex, the problem generally occurs more often this is due to the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles after a difficult birth injuries of the perineum, pelvic operations, as a result of hormonal disorders, infections, plays a role difficult from a physical point of view. However, men are not immune from the troubles that comes not one, but with BPH, stones in the bladder, severe neurological diseases.

To understand how to treat the problem, it is necessary to correctly determine the cause. So incontinence is the primary (due to previous trauma, or congenital anomalies locking of the muscles of the bladder, etc) and secondary (guilt is a mental disorder, spinal cord injuries and other non-local damage). With regard to minor children, it stands alone and cannot be classified (and therefore treatment) according to the same principles that incontinence in adults.

Provided is a so-called urge incontinence - when it often feels a sudden urge to urinate, which can neither control, nor endure, and is the uncontrolled leakage of urine. The doctors cause of urge incontinence is considered increased activity of the bladder due to neurogenic causes (injury/illness of the brain and/or spinal cord), urinary tract infections, etc

While hardly the most common cause of incontinence is stress, or stress urinary incontinence (SNM) that occur during exercise. You should not pretend that there is no problem - by making a competent set of measures can significantly improve the health and quality of life. Adult diapers solve the functional part of the problem with leaks and recover fully, will only the doctor and strict adherence to its regulations, which in each case will vary.

In General, urinary incontinence is not a disease but only a pronounced symptom of any disease. It is necessary to correctly diagnose and cure - then leave and all the unpleasant consequences that are usually not limited to incontinence. Should not be ashamed of your problems, the more that modern medicine has not considering such difficulties as a variant of norm and offers a fairly effective way of healing.

Because incontinence is a disease, then the person suffering from it, called patients or patient. And comfort in the course of the disease and healing process from it also depends on the patient - will he go the path of minimum resistance, ignoring the doctor's prescription and/or without using a special means of hygiene, or choose the most effective and comfortable solution to the problem.

If you haven't decided to go to the doctor or want to make the process of getting rid of incontinence more comfortable, we recommend you to pay attention to the special diapers, absorbent panties or strip. Data hygiene will ensure you maximum comfort and the best protection against leaks as securely and excellent wear selection. Absorbent briefs and diapers for adults - a real salvation for people suffering from urinary incontinence and bed-ridden patients. In the latter case, the use of diapers improves the health of the patient and maintains the skin in good condition, and in the first allows you to lead a normal life and not feel the discomfort caused by urine.

Important! Choosing hygienic products this category, do not skimp - cheap pads, diapers and absorbent underpants apart, roll down, poorly absorbed and can cause allergic reactions.

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Be healthy!

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