Dangerous disease the beginning of his journey around Europe and the USA. The virus crossed the Atlantic ocean, the first cases of infection in Switzerland and America. All the infected people came from South America.

Note, the zika fever is not as dangerous as its main side effect. If a pregnant woman becomes infected, the chance of the birth of her healthy baby repeatedly drops. The most common case, microcephaly, when the brain of the baby does not develop to normal size and remains at the stage of the embryo.

"The earlier we start treatment, the better. Everyone understands this, but the disease cannot be stopped, and how it will evolve no one knows," says Glas Kelly, mother of an infected child.

The disease is carried by mosquitoes. Observing certain precautions, say doctors, can greatly reduce the likelihood of infection fever, Zeke. "Mexico has already confirmed 18 cases. And this is only the beginning. This little mosquito season because it's cold and they need a certain temperature and the water for reproduction. But, of course, after a few weeks there will be more cases. Now we have the stage of prevention" - says the Deputy Minister of prevention and health promotion of Mexico Pablo Kuri.

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