A deadly virus is out of control scientists in Africa

"Doctors without borders" believe that the Ebola virus, one of the most dangerous viruses on the planet, went out of control scientists. The epidemic started in Guinea and has spread across most of Africa, reaching Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The Ebola virus is extremely contagious. The human body gradually turns into a bloody sieve. To date registered 567 infections, 350 people were killed. Note, this is the highest number since 1976, when the virus was first discovered.

To complicate the situation distrust of the population and the lack of understanding of the need for medical intervention. A sick person should be isolated and placed under the supervision of physicians. Any minimal contact with body fluids of an infected can result in another case.

To stop the epidemic is considered the "Doctors without borders", it is necessary to inform the population of poor countries about the benefits of the medicine and its necessity in the treatment of disease. Until now, many Africans trust the shamans and wise women more than doctors.

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