A deadly virus is a myth, stimulating the sale of expensive drugs

According to the scientist from Irkutsk, information about new deadly to all living viruses, nothing like a business. Past experience has shown that it is possible to quickly disseminate information about the new global epidemic. And this in the case that such diseases in nature is not there.

The media are always ready to provide the necessary information to the world in a short period of time. In the opinion of the Professor of Irkutsk, the reality is quite different, and information about diseases that fights all the international community, aimed at increasing the growth of sales of expensive and ineffective drugs, while such diseases simply do not exist in nature.

Scientist from Irkutsk name Ageev Vladimir Alexandrovich. Since the early 90-ies he is involved in research in the field of HIV/AIDS. During this time he gathered a lot of evidence that this problem does not exist because there is no such disease as AIDS. He said publicly about his suspicions of the entire medical community, after which he received from them the nickname of HIV dissident.

Opinion disgraced scientist separates nearly 6,000 physicians from all over the world. They also agree with his point of view regarding discovered in 2003 SARS. At that time, the media reported that the epidemic has started and people die. In fact, symptoms of atypical pneumonia did not differ from the symptoms of flu or SARS. And all deaths were recorded among the elderly.

According to Ageeva, SARS is no more dangerous than regular flu, and those people who start treatment in time to prevent complications can be calm about death, because by itself SARS is not fatal.

But the media continued to stir up panic, and there were even attempts to present the cases of atypical pneumonia in the form of its pandemic. At the same time, as noted by Ageev, the world was not convened no conference on this subject, which means that scientists have not given this disease seriously.

Irkutsk scientific continues to insist that everything is a fatal disease that shook the world for the last time, are mutated viruses the most common respiratory diseases. The treatment of these diseases continues to be traditional, and panic can not resist in any way, but the main thing in time to begin treatment.

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