A cure for Alzheimer's disease already in development

Is it possible the emergence of drugs that can improve your memory suffering from Alzheimer's disease patients in the near future?

Neuroscientists have discovered in mice mysterious molecule. If genetically slow down its development, it can lead to a significant improvement of memory.

Researchers from the Baylor College called this molecule PRK. In the course of a scientific experiment they inhibited the activity of this molecule by an injection of immune molecules "gamma interferon". The result is improved communication between neurons, which has a positive effect on the brain and memory.

The researchers argue that if we can create a similar product for the human body, it can be used for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

PRK is a molecule of the immune system, which signals the brain about the viral infection. However, the experimental mice was not observed increased susceptibility to infectious diseases after the suppression of this molecule. It can talk about the safe use of medicines having similar principle.

Although the development of a similar drug to the human body has not started yet, the results of this study give serious hope for effective treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

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