A component of red wine slows the aging process

Scientists often talk about the beneficial properties of red wine. It is proved that one glass does not harm the body, but also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Scientists from Harvard did a study and proved that the substance is included in the red wine, slows the aging process.

Information was confirmed in the study on laboratory mice. Study leader Professor Sinclair proved that resveratrol affects the functioning of cells. Substance activates cellular functions, improves the barrier properties of the immune system, slows the aging process.

It should be noted that the concentration of resveratrol in wine is not so great. In one liter contains from two to 12.6 mg of the substance. A noticeable effect has a dose of 250 mg of resveratrol.

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The plans of the scientists creating technologies, and drugs with a high concentration of anti-aging substance. Then science will be able to cope with the problem of aging and increase life expectancy of the population.

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