A child's genes determine his desire to learn - the scientists

The old theory that only 5% of talent is determined by genes, and the remaining 95%, a commitment to training and other external factors, was questioned by scientists from Ohio state University. During their study, they proved: up to 50% motivation for learning is laid on the genes.

The study involved twins and twins aged 9-16 years from Britain, Germany, Japan, Canada, USA. Scientists were asked the same questions the twins and compare answers against the twins.

Genes similar twins at 100%, while the twins inherit only half of the genes. The difference in the study was about 50%, scientists have linked it to the genetic characteristics.

The results of the study, you can argue, you can disagree, but to exclude a genetic factor and not taking it into account in the process of identity formation difficult. Even the saying "an Apple from the tree not far from rolling", appeared long before the discovery of genes as such.

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