A child should not spend more hours per day playing computer games, say scientists

It's not about what video games your child is paying attention, and as long as he plays. Scientists from the University of Oxford proved: often marked hyperactivity in children, paying computer games more than three hours a day. The genre in this case, the behavior has no effect, writes Zee News.

In a survey of 200 students from 12 to 13 years, researchers analyzed the influence of a single, online games, violent games, puzzles, strategy and racing with sports simulators. The second analyzed the scale scientists chose the performance and behavior of students.

Hyperactivity was more frequent in the group of children playing video games more than three hours a day. Moreover, shooting games, strategy games and thinking provided for children of the same influence. Scientists advise parents to limit a child in virtual entertainment and for him to come up with alternative leisure activities, which will develop real skills.

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