A chance to survive diagnosed with cervical cancer will increase stroke

Cervical cancer is a serious disease that is characterized by high mortality in late diagnosis. Scientists from Sweden decided to answer the question: "what is the impact of early diagnosis on survival in cancer of the cervix?".

To do this, the researchers examined the medical history of more than 1200 women diagnosed with cervical cancer between 1999 and 2001. The results exceeded all expectations - early diagnosis of cervical cancer by smear allows you to stop the cancer process in 92% of patients, whereas in the diagnosis of the first manifestations of the disease only 66 women.

As noted by a leading researcher from Apsalikov University Dr. Benk Andre: "Received the results of the study emphasize the importance of preventive screenings and early diagnosis".

Experienced gynecologist and cytological smear is to detect cervical cancer at an early stage and save the woman's life.

"The allocation of budgetary funds allocated for the fight against cervical cancer, the primary emphasis should be placed on preventive measures, awareness - raising of women, preventive examinations with the capture of smears for further cytological studies," added the prelude to Andre.

According to the Swedish strategy for the prevention of cervical cancer women visit the gynecologist with the preventive purpose every three years in the period of 25-50 years of age 51-60 years every five years.

In the CIS these recommended periods exhibited much shorter - 1 times per year, and if they are respected - indicators in our country would be much better than in developed European countries. Unfortunately, surveys have and women do not understand the importance of these examinations. The price of life.

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