A British company has developed a special door handle for hospitals

The developers of Altitude Medical has created a special disinfectant surface for door handles. It is assumed that the handle will be used in the home and in health facilities, in order to reduce the risk of spreading the infection, according to DNA India. The mechanism built into the handle is simple: during the opening of the door by hand squeezed a small amount of liquid disinfectant.

Developers are confident that their invention is able to significantly reduce the number of hospital and home infections, because the door handle is one of the dirtiest places in the premises, they are more likely, all other things become the source of bacteria and viruses that contribute to cross-contamination.

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The development of universal and fits most doors. PullClean significantly simplifies the process of disinfection of hands. If the disinfectant ends, it can be refilled again. Door handle comes with an online program that will help track the extent of use of the door. This will help hospitals to distribute the frequency of sanitization of various departments.

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