A breakthrough in the treatment of the malignant skin tumors

Experts from the USA have proposed a new combination of drugs for the treatment of melanoma, one of the most aggressive tumors. On progress, the scientists said at the annual meeting of the American Association for cancer research in New Orleans.

The experiment involved 142 patients. The unit received a combination of ipilimumab and nicolumbo, the other one ipilimumab. It turned out that taking two drugs increased the lifespan of people with common forms of the disease.

To date, the treatment of melanoma is a very difficult question. In most countries, mainly used cheap chemotherapy with surgery, and sometimes immunotherapy. Ipilimumab is an extremely expensive drug. Money spent on treatment per patient, can be directed to cure hundreds of people of traditional therapy. However, the chance that it will work less.

Immunotherapy is a positive step in the development of cancer, experts say. Further development of the industry must reduce the cost of drugs in this group, making them more accessible.

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