A breakthrough in the treatment of malaria

Researchers from the Institute of Singer found microscopic channel through which malaria parasites before you infect red blood cells.

This input mechanism is common to all strains of malaria, and thus developed on the basis of the opening of the vaccine can save immediately on all types of the disease. Although the number of deaths from malaria have fallen by a fifth over the last decade, the disease still carries 800 thousand lives per year. Mostly it kills children aged up to five years in African countries.

Lead author of the project Gavin Wright notes that the obtained research results were very unexpected and radically changed the understanding of the penetration of the disease in the body. Scientists believe that, it seems, found the Achilles ' heel of malaria. As of now, scientists believed. That malaria enters the body in several ways.

Although developed by British scientists not long ago, an experimental vaccine has shown in tests reduce malaria morbidity by 50 percent means. Which in the future will completely protect people from this severe disease is still one of the most anticipated medicines in the medical world.

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