A brain scan will read your dreams

Can't remember what I saw in my dream last night? Soon it will do the medical equipment. The new technique will be able to recognize what was dreaming people.

Scientists from the max Planck Institute in Germany said that using CT scans to compare brain human consciousness and sleep. In their experiment involving six people who agreed to sleep connected to the magnetic resonance tomograph. Before testing, the participants were serish ' tests, where the scanner measured the activity of different parts of the brain at a time when they squeezed the hand in reality and the WTO when they imagined that squeezed the arm, the brain scans showed almost the same activity in both cases. This concept will soon scan of the human brain during sleep to determine that dream man and that he is in a dream does.

While German scientists were able to identify only two of sleep, as the number of scans of various brain activities makes the process of recognition of images of sleep extremely difficult.

For recognition of sleep participants must sleep under the scanner, to reach the state of REM sleep and be stable in this condition.

The concept of sleep studies is the first evidence that reading dreams by using brain scans.

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