A blood test for tuberculosis is not effective

Often the use of blood tests to detect active tuberculosis leads to erroneous results, who insists that encourages all countries to refuse this test and rely on more accurate microbiological or molecular tests.

The world Health Organization issued a "negative" brochure, which convinces governments that practice blood tests for TB to do more harm than good. Currently, serological blood tests are not reliable because detect antibodies or antigens in the blood, which is extremely difficult to detect. Inaged analysis does not detect the presence of antibodies even in patients with the active form tuberkuleza and gives a negative result, and sometimes antibodies from other diseases mistaken for tuberculosis and announce false positive result.

The use of the test for a blood test to detect TB leads to incorrect diagnosis, and potential harm to the health of the patient.

At the moment, Who analyzes the effectiveness of blood tests for the detection of active TB.

Studies who have shown that commercial tests for detection of tuberculosis had a low sensitivity and gave a negative result, even a sick person. This means that patients patients continued to infect healthy people, thinking that they are also healthy.

Although such tests are cheap - about $ 30, at the present time in the United States the production of such tests is a multi-million dollar business. Every year die from TB 1, 7 million people, including people with HIV, it is the number one killer.

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