A blood test can tell a lot about a person in old age

Tim Spector, Professor of king's College the British capital), in cooperation with their colleagues on 9 July of the current year made a statement about his revolutionary discovery. They have developed a unique method of testing, which allows you to diagnose the age at which people grow old, and how long he will live.

Doctors found blood 22 marker (metabolite), which have higher concentrations in the elderly than in the young. These molecules show the condition of the human body in relation to the process of aging.

One of the metabolites associated with cholesterol, functionality, lung, bone density and blood pressure. It can also tell you about the weight of a man at his birth, and this indicator can help in predicting human health in old age. So people with a high content of C-glyTrp have a low body weight at birth.

Scientists have found that with the birth of identical twins have the same genes, but in the course of the research it was found that they have significantly different performance C-glyTrp. This fact suggests that in such cases involved epigenetics (metabolite), and, more specifically, the gene-regulator is the influence of external factors, for example, nutrition. The study involved about six thousand twins. In the result, it was found that the human metabolism is affected by epigenetic changes, and they can tell you how to proceed in a person's old age.

It should be noted that for quite some time scientists have known that the person's weight at birth is a very important indicator by which to judge his future old age. It was found that people born with less weight, more often exposed to various geriatric diseases. However, the mechanism of this connection was installed relatively recently. This fact opens before scientists around the world with new horizons.

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