A bit about tea and its benefits

It is difficult to imagine modern life without this wonderful drink as tea. Today in the shops you can see a huge number of various varieties of this miracle plant. The history of tea is currently a mystery. Long time home of this plant was considered to be China, however, modern scientists have found that it sprouted at the same time and in the other countries of the world.

Unlike many other plants, including from the cacao tree, tea bushes are very hardy. They are able to experience large temperature fluctuations, drought, excessive waterlogging. In addition, they are practically not subjected to most plant diseases, and only a few insects are willing to enjoy a slice from the favorite person of tea.

The most popular currently enjoys Chinese tea with the diversity of the varieties. Sometimes you just wonder, how many different flavours and aromas it enfolds. Obviously, that's why most people give him the preference. It is important to note that the taste depends not only on the plant and the method of its preparation, but also from tea, porcelain, as strange as it may sound, enhances the flavor and makes it taste richer.

One of the most famous and sought-after teas in the market is the "Yin Zhen" or "Silver needle". It was not accidental, the fact that the tea leaves are translucent white in color, and shaped like needles. About his origin legends, one of which is that this sort of saved people from starvation. "Yin Zhen" has many healing properties. It lowers blood pressure, restores the activity of the cardiovascular system, displays the body of atomic oxygen, thereby improving the tone. Also "Silver needle" is able to eliminate the inflammation of the urogenital system of the human body.

There are many different ways of cooking "Yin Zhen", the simplest can be considered flooding of dry tea leaves with boiling water with the calculation of five spoons of dry tea into four cups. Let the drink sit for ten minutes.

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