A beautiful woman is harmful to health

Scientists from Spain conducted an experiment on the influence of beautiful women on men's health, and came to a disturbing conclusion, beauty for male detrimental and can lead to various health problems, including sexually.

The researchers conducted an experiment in which 80 subjects had to solve a number puzzle in a small room together with other men and one beautiful woman. All participants of the doctors measured the level of stress hormone in the blood, it turned out that in those cases when they were in the same room with a woman, the level of this hormone significantly increased. As soon as the woman was leaving the premises , the condition has stabilized. Experience has shown that five minutes in a society with a beautiful stranger enough to the level of the stress hormone soared to a critical point, which is equal to the tried and tested stress jump with a parachute. Such a surge of the hormone in men provokes strong, sometimes even unconscious desire to meet a beautiful woman.

It has long been known that excess cortisol leads to disruption of metabolism, which leads to serious disorders - hypertension, diabetes, and even impotence. Spanish scientists their experiment also confirmed the assumption that, under stress, men like fuller women.

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