A ban on the cooperation of doctors pharmacies

Health issues are still relevant in the Parliament of Ukraine.Soon the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada will take into consideration two of the draft law, developed by the Cabinet of Ministers: on licensing of import of medicines, as well as on the prohibition of medical workers to receive pay from the drug manufacturers.

Many patients recently wrote complaints that doctors prescribe drugs that have a high cost and low efficiency, whereas on the shelves of pharmacies have similar medications with similar effect, but with less cost.

The Cabinet of Ministers has proposed the following: if the prescribing health care workers will be required to indicate their international non-proprietary name. Cheaper drugs generic name will not be allowed to hide.

5 June in Ukraine was introduced the draft law "On amendments to some laws of Ukraine regarding the prohibition of advertising of medicinal products". To advertise medicines without mediation specialists will now be prohibited. Advertising is permitted in print only in specialized medical journals, and can also be extended to medical seminars, conferences, symposia. In another manifestation of advertising will already be considered a clear violation.

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