A bad pillow will make the face swollen and wrinkled – scientists

Researchers from the University of North Carolina believe: most people don't know how to choose the right pillow for sleeping. If the proper mattress is made available to companies that produce these mattresses, the few will be able to answer the question: what should be the pillow to sleep well and not to suffer problems with his back and face?

The majority chooses the softest pillows, believing them to be comfortable. Doctors do not agree with this choice. Too soft pillow causes wrinkles, and people always sleeping on soft pillows, not infrequently suffer from a puffy face in the morning. Experts do not recommend feather pillows. Better to give preference to synthetic materials, which physically can't settle dust mites.

These microorganisms are one of the most common allergens that can cause skin rash and even asthma attacks. Scientists recommend cushions with synthetic filling. Such products keep their shape better and is more hygienic.

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