A bad mattress reduces life expectancy - the scientists

Scientists have noted, the quality of the mattress determines the quality of sleep, health, longevity. Back in 2011, researchers conducted a survey that proved that a good quality mattress is necessary for a good night's sleep the vast number of people, reports the Huffington Post. Healthy sleep is one of the mandatory component of the normal memory performance and long life.

This study began in 2009. The participated in 59 men and women. Subjects were asked to sleep for months on mattresses of different stiffness, and then assess sleep quality and feelings during wakefulness. Estimated irritability, anxiety, nervousness, having headaches, and tiredness.

It is proved that the mattress is of good quality, reduced stress levels and improved sleep quality. When this was lost, back pain, if they were present.

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Scientists agree that the ideal formula for a mattress does not exist. It all depends on personal preference and the structure of the spine of the subjects. It is believed that the pathology posture should prefer hard mattresses. This will allow your back to relax.

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