99% of people search the Internet for health information

British experts came to the conclusion that 99% of people suffering from this or that disease, seek help not only to the specialist, but also get information about it via the Internet.

In the study, 50% of patients stated that they turned to the Internet for the necessary information about their disease, and was checked in online mode. 85% of respondents were disappointed that the test results coincide with the conclusions of the specialists to whom they turned for help.

Experts recommend to contact the Internet to obtain relevant information, as the Internet can be very useful means of improving outpatient treatment at home. It will be convenient for the patients who do not need will often go to the doctor, and will also reduce the burden on experts, medical centers and other medical institutions. And, in addition, the Internet can be used to significantly increase the level of knowledge about medicine from person to person. However, for this it is necessary to create professional medical sites rather than those that are often offered now incorrect, and often even false, information. Because people often fall for sites, which may contain not professional advice and information, it is necessary to correct the situation, because all this leads in some cases to undesirable consequences.

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