96 percent of women tormented by remorse for different reasons

96% of women feel guilty at least once a day. This fact negatively affects their health. In 70 cases out of 100, a cause of remorse become extra pounds, and that no diet helps to get rid of them. Meanwhile, the real weight in this situation unimportant.

Another reason for guilt is that women feel that they have little time to devote to their children, as more busy at work. That is why psychologists advise working mothers to prioritize between career and home, so as not to be tormented by guilt. In addition, spent money, and being late for a date with your loved one can also cause you to feel guilty.

In that case, if the woman thinks that she is a bad hostess, as she suffers from perfectionism, it is also a good reason to worry, because it will strive to be the best in everything, and so, unfortunately, does not happen, say the psychologists who conducted the study.

According to scientists, the reason for this behavior is education, which was received most of the women in my childhood. They can't say "no", because from childhood they are taught parents to put other people's interests above his own.

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