86% of women are looking for excuses not to sit on a diet

It turns out that 86% of women who wanted to lose weight, constantly looking for excuses not to sit on a diet. This is the conclusion of researchers in the UK, conducted a survey slimming ladies of their country.

Among the most popular excuses that allows you to quit the diet, were the following: "for me today was a hard day, I was invited to a feast", "I was bored". Some of the respondents admitted that they blame their friends and colleagues that they tease women, delicious food and don't give a focus on the diet.

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Only 30% of respondents frankly admitted that they could not sit on a diet due to the lack of serious motivation, therefore, is to blame for excess weight they have nobody but themselves. A third of British women complained that they were not able to sustain the diet for more than a day. Hardly after spending one day on the diet, women no longer tried to repeat the feat of losing weight because they do not believe in their power to continue it.

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