84 percent of Russians at the slightest health problems seek treatment

Specialists conducted a large-scale survey in 138 villages 46 oblasts and krais of Russia. 84 percent of respondents said that if there was the slightest health problem they immediately go to the doctor, and 38 percent sure that in addition to doctors, no one can help them, reports "Interfax".

36 percent of respondents are trying to get rid of bad habits, and 25 percent are regular viewers of television programs on health and readers of magazines about medicine. Another 25% of Russians are institutionalized. 22 percent annually adjusts their health in sanatoriums, and 21 percent regularly engaged in sports and physical education.

In terms of power, only a quarter of respondents is committed to a healthy diet, and 8 percent "sit" on the Supplements. Their health 15 percent of respondents are not interested in at all.

Women care more about their health (90%) than men (74%). Female often throws bad habits (47%), more often refers to doctors for help (44%), regularly examine health (30%), and reading medical literature and watch programs about health (33%).

27 percent of the male population the most effective method of maintaining health was chosen sport. The older men become, the less they exercise, but at the same time, interest in the media about health increases.

51 percent of respondents are only trusted by doctors, while the advice of friends and family adheres to just 47 percent. 38 percent relies on his experience, 30 percent on the view TV programs about health, and 22 percent on information from the Internet. 9 percent get their information in clinics and pharmacies, and 3 percent continued to receive information via radio.

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