8 rules for safe tanning

Here is the long-awaited summer. Happy holiday hastily packing their suitcases, buy tickets, vouchers and forward, to the sea!

Sea, sand, sun.... Both lacked it to us cold and frosty in the winter! But how often relaxed under the gentle rays of the sun on the beach, we get instead a beautiful chocolate tan sunburn. The skin at first blush, unbearably hot, and then completely covered with blisters! What happened? And, most importantly, how to avoid this?

Everything is quite simple. You just need to remember a few simple rules of tan.

1. Sunbathe need to start gradually. 10-15 minutes is enough for the first contact with sunlight. It is better not to lie, and move: walk along the beach, play beach volleyball, go for a run on the water.... The best time for sunbathing in the morning and after 16.00. Sunburn is not only beautiful, but also durable.

2. From 11 o'clock till 16 it is better to avoid sun exposure: at this time, the intensity of UV radiation is highest. And it threatens not only sunburn, but premature wrinkles, and sunspots, and the risk of cancer to dismiss is not worth it.

3. Going on vacation, don't forget to bring sunscreen cosmetics. To apply it you need at least half an hour before going to the beach and periodically updated. Choose a sunscreen emulsion, oil need in accordance with Your skin type and the climate where you are going to relax. If you have very light or bright leather pink-beige with lots of freckles, bright red hair and light gray or blue eyes, tendency to sunburn, you have a very high, and the sun will go slowly. You will need a sunscreen with a maximum degree of protection. You have light skin, freckles a bit, hair color - from light to light dark brown, eyes blue, green or gray? The risk of sunburn too, but less. Especially if you use sunscreen lotion or spray protection 12-20. Well, if You're brown hair with smuglovaty skin, freckles are gone, and eye color light brown or a dark-eyed brunette - congratulations! Sunburn you almost not terrible, sunbathing You quickly, and the tan lasts a long time. You can buy sunscreen with an average degree of protection (SPF 8-15).

4. First, while the skin is still not accustomed to UV light, use of high levels of protection, and after a few days it is possible to switch to a lighter makeup.

5. Choosing tanning is necessary to pay attention not only to the SPF number. If Your skin is oily or combination - purchase lotion, emulsion or spray. But the owners of dry skin is better to opt for a more dense cream. Another plus sunscreen - if it has water-repellent properties.

6. Don't forget to apply a protective agent to "prominent" part of the body - the forehead, nose, chest, shoulders: they burn faster and therefore need special care.

7. Remember: apply protective cosmetics need every couple of hours. And after tanning in the evening after a shower.

8. If You feel that you have received a sunburn immediately stop stay on the beach and spend the next day in the shade.

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