8 reasons to drink coffee

1. Coffee helps to quickly gather and concentrate. However, this effect does not last long - just until 2-3 hours after which it will require a new portion. However, doctors warn that too often resort to this kind of stimulation, as it quickly depletes the body. But in case you need to focus on solving some urgent problems - coffee is simply irreplaceable.

2. By drinking organic coffee reduces the risk of disease in old age Alzheimer's disease. Swiss scientists in the course of their experiments, which lasted for 20 years, found that those who drank up to 5 cups of coffee a day were ill of this disease by 65% percent less than those who almost never drink coffee.

3. Coffee helps protect the liver. Coffee stimulates the gall bladder, which significantly reduces the risk of formation of stones in it.

4. Drinking coffee helps to reduce the risk of disease Parkinson's disease. This disease affected many older people, the main reason it is a dysfunction of the brain and neuronal death. Caffeine stimulates the brain, improves memory and strengthening of connections between neurons.

5. Drinking coffee helps to acclimate. If you travel frequently, or often have to travel to other time zones, you should be familiar with the problem of constant sleepiness. Not everyone has the time to get used to their biological rhythms to local time. A Cup of coffee will help you to shrink the dream, but will quickly get into the right rhythm.

6. Coffee improves the functioning of brain. Scientists believe that students drink coffee not only that will take courage, but also because it helps to activate many brain functions, including the ability to memorize large amounts of information.

7. People who drink coffee are likely to face a lower risk of developing certain types of cancer. Studies have proven that caffeine and chlorogenic acid contained in coffee beverage, very effective in preventing liver cancer.

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8. When drinking coffee seriously reduced the risk of developing type II diabetes. This is the most common form of diabetes on the planet. Contained in coffee is chlorogenic acid helps to prevent this insidious disease.

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