6000 steps a day - the Foundation of health, women of Mature age

According to Brazilian scientists, to preserve women's health in adulthood keeps walking. Walking daily for 6000 steps, you can not only lose excess weight, but also to reduce the risk of diseases caused by menopause: the metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

During survey observations of scientists participated 292 women who have attained the age from forty-five to seventy-two years. The nurses were divided in two groups, the first of which every day were the distance of the base of six thousand or more steps, and the second is the distance was much less. Before the study, all volunteers underwent glucose and cholesterol in the blood, in addition, the scope of their waist and hips.

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After the end of the experiment showed that if women were 6 or more thousand steps, they had a lower propensity to obesity than participants from the control group. They also differed less risk of developing diabetes and metabolic syndrome, even given their stay in menopause, which usually occurs increase such risks. At the conclusion of the researchers, it is six thousand steps are the beginning of a journey to health for middle aged women.

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