6 ways to maintain the freshness of the body in the summer

With the approach of summer, we often think about the question "How to preserve the freshness of the body during the working day?". There are several ways that will help prolong the freshness of your body.

One of the most effective tools for those who experience excessive sweating, is taking herbal baths of oak bark, red clover, chamomile and Linden, sage and mint.

Also we should not forget about using deodorant, but it must be selected carefully, taking into account the following things: dezodorant-antiperspirant performs 3 functions at the same time. He completely destroys odor, reduces output by the body sweat and fights bacteria. As antiperspirant, its effect is not ideal - it reduces the sweat glands only on 50%.

As for the soap, it is important to note that its use is very harmful to skin it dries and creates a feeling of freshness, note that it refreshes, but only creates a feeling, so if possible, try to completely avoid its use, so as not to cause the sebaceous glands to increased activity. Any cream remedy will have a better effect on the skin, so use them better.

Thermal water is perfectly nourishes, moisturizes, protects and refreshes the skin. Therefore, use of thermal water throughout the day, it will enhance the natural protection of the skin, saturate it with nourishing minerals and will give you new energy.

It is known that peppermint and eucalyptus have a cooling effect. Your Savior on a hot summer day will become eucalyptus oil before going out on the street to strike at the temple area and hands.

If possible, try to collect hair or in tail, or in the beautiful spikelet, because flowing hair add temperature to your body. To do this, use pins, barrettes, headbands and elastics.

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