6 major mistakes when losing weight

1. Sharp restriction the quantity of consumed food.

Of course, a healthy lifestyle implies certain restrictions on food. However, dramatically reduce the amount eaten 500 calories a day is not just wrong, and a crime against your body. Of course the effect of such half-starved, and possibly very soon, however, it will be short and unsafe for the entire body in General. And dropped so radically pounds will come back, even with the Supplement.

2. Replacement full meal snacks.

Inexperienced in the diets of girls think that such substitution will lead to a reduction of calories consumed. In fact, it turns out that the food that is used as a snack (nuts, yogurt, dried fruit) is heavy for digestion, leads to disruption of metabolism.

3. Only fat-free foods.

Statistics show that subconsciously we allow ourselves to eat a lot more low-calorie product, than if we ate his usual "brother". Thus, leveled all the difference in the calories, and sometimes even when the power is free of grease products calories exceed the eligibility standard.

4. Fast food without leaving the car.

The bad fast food is known to all, and those girls who purposefully sit on a diet, try not to afford such bites. But the insidious joke since we are traffic jams. Studies show that many in the agony of waiting in traffic jams run into a café for a Cup of coffee. And where there is coffee, there is cake. Where cake and potato chips... In General, the principle is clear: if you adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, fast food establishments should not go even for a Cup of coffee.

5. Too frequent weighing.

Frequent weighing creates the illusion of control over weight. However, none of the nervousness, irritation from slow results and despair, this method will not bring. The best option is weighing once a week. During this time you will be able to assess whether the effect of the chosen tactics slimming. And do not forget that should be weighed at the same time, preferably in the morning. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the drug Turboslima Express slimming on the website http://citykey.net.

6. Too radical goals.

Trying to lose 10 pounds in a week, don't forget about the particular fast weight loss, which has already been mentioned in paragraph 1. Quickly lost weight so quickly returned and the body, which experienced a sharp stress and hunger, gaining their stocks with renewed energy. Set realistic goals, and your body will be happy to begin to change, delighting you with positive change.

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