50% of Britons attend sports clubs for entertainment

A survey of British researchers have found that regular use of the fitness club is not to say that this person is actively engaged in sports. As it turned out, half of the people that have a pass to go to the gym, goes there not to expose themselves to physical exercise.

This study was conducted among 2,000 people in the UK. It turns out that 50% of visitors gyms actually train hard. The rest go to fitness clubs to flirt, sauna or just get-togethers with friends. Every fourth of respondents said that spending more time in the sauna than at the gym, and every 10th comes to the sports club to splash in the pool or watch music videos. Every twentieth visitor comes to the fitness club to see on the big screen football match. And it is not surprising that 2/3 of visitors think that they have bought the subscription is not fully used.

10 percent of respondents come to the clubs to flirt with the opposite sex. Another 10 percent go there only due to the fact that it is fashionable. In 20 cases out of 100 the subscription is paid by the employer. 9 percent of respondents are afraid to sweat and look after this unattractive. Every tenth visitor hesitate to train, because he can watch other visitors. And 39 percent of respondents do not know how to use the equipment.

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