50 grams of honey increases physical endurance

Currently, sports are becoming increasingly popular. One of the main tasks of the coach of any sports team is maintaining its participants in good physical shape. However, in addition to active training for each athlete, it is important to have a balanced and proper diet.To increase endurance, maintain strength athletes of various skill levels need special nutrients, not forbidden to eat, especially when preparing for competitions. This decision, according to medical workers, is honey. The composition of this product beekeeping is about three hundred different elements, including sugar, biologically active substances, various enzymes, vitamins that are beneficial for the human body.the illusion were tested athletes, in the diet which regularly present honey. The results showed that the most effective is the use of 50 grams of honey in about half an hour before the competition. In the case of reception of honey directly during the competition, the athletes were able to show better results. Upon termination of the use of honey physical activity of participants in the trials was significantly decreased.The use of honey at the same time with foods rich in protein after a workout helps muscles to recover and maintain the tone of the organism as a whole. Because honey contains a large amount of energy, athletes who take in food in a short period of time can rejuvenate and begin further training. Experts also proved that people who engaged in mental labor, in steady diet which includes honey, have a higher efficiency and faster to learn new information.

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