5 ways to remove hair

All women desperately want unwanted vegetation on the body was gone from the mere thought. But such great miracles simply do not happen, and therefore suffer poor things, spending a lot of time and effort on the complicated procedure of hair removal. Fortunately, types of hair removal is now a lot that allows each person to choose the option which is most suitable.

But, before proceeding to the description of all known scientific methods of hair removal, is to explain that "removal" and "waxing" is not the same concepts. If the procedure of hair removal gives a more lasting effect due to the complete or partial destruction of hair follicles, the hair is simply destroys the hair at the skin surface (special creams, wax and so on).

Today, there are 5 best ways of controlling undesirable vegetation. They all differ in the duration of the effect, the threshold of pain and, of course, price.

1. Electroepilation is a small device, visibilise hair on large areas of skin. Typically, this device offers a lot of different massage heads, each of which is responsible for a specific part of the body and eases the thrill. This method of hair removal eliminates sensitive issues for a long time, but the procedure of hair removal is more painful.

2. More expensive laser hair removal allows for 8-12 sessions to completely get rid of vegetation. The principle of the procedure the following: special laser penetrates deep into the skin and destroys the hair follicle. Laser hair removal has no contraindications regarding skin types, but unprofessional approach to this kind of jewelry work is fraught with burns treated area.

3. Photoepilation is a relative novelty in the field of health and beauty. Flash of light is absolutely painlessly remove unwanted hair. But this method has its disadvantages: expensive price impact only on dark hair and long periods between sessions (approximately 3 weeks).

4. The most painful procedure today consider electrolysis is usually. A thin electrode is introduced into the hair follicle through a small discharge current destroys the follicle. But the disadvantages of this method are obvious, after a long, exhausting sessions, pain sensations and excessive price scares a lot of people.

5. And finally, the most optimal and effective method called ELOS-epilation (electro-optical synergy). To start the skin evenly distributed light rays, preventing burns during the procedure. And then a thin electrode permanently prevents a woman from delicate problems with excess hair. But this optimality and was the reason that ELOS-epilation is the most precious present pleasure.

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